Danette Pratt





Danette Pratt

In life, we long for a favorite person, animal, plant or place to last for as long as we, ourselves, do. We imagine the future will hold everyone and everything we hold dear; but in reality, many things disappear from our lives long before our lives end.

The natural environment has always been my lab and has strongly influenced my studio practice.  I’m also influenced by my own early childhood, by the farms that I grew up with, by the fabrics that surrounded my upbringing, such as ticking and muslin and by the current, natural materials gathered on my own property, such a leaves from a single red bud tree.  These elements combine through a unique practice that joins the act of harvesting, dying, stitching, and a long history with fiber arts.  My work is intended to observe spontaneous remembrances and to allow time for personal contemplation, and for reflection on how important those memories are as we continue our life’s journey